Colon Cleanse Ultra 1000mg


• Colon Cleanse Ultra | 60 Capsules
• Assists with undigested waste, clearing the way for good nutrient absorption
• Made & imported from the USA
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What is Colon Cleanse Ultra?
A colon cleanse detox may assist with removing toxins from the colon and intestinal tract. When you do a colon cleanse, it assists with pushes the undigested waste through your system, thus clearing the way for good nutrient absorption in your body. If waste remains too long in your body it may become a breeding ground for bacteria and illness. A colon detox will help remove the bad waste and may allow the body to better absorb vitamins and nutrients. A colon cleanse detox will aid and may assist with allowing undigested waste to easily pass through your system.

Colon Cleanse Ultra may support
• Digestive system – Has show to help make the digestive system more effective
• Increased energy – Energy usually used for forcing toxins through your system is now available other needs
• Concentration – Ineffective vitamin absorption through too many toxins will effect concentration
• Weight loss – Colon cleansing may give your metabolism a much needed boost, thus resulting in possible weight loss commencement
• Increased fertility – Fat is estrogen-based, and if too much is available then becoming pregnant can be difficult
• Well being – Ridding the colon of waste often give the body of a feeling of well being
• PH balance – Colon blockages can be acid forming and may lead to a general feeling of malaise (lack of energy)
• Constipation – Constipation causes a sluggish digestive response limiting weight loss. A colon cleanse may assist

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1 x Bottle (60 Capsules), 2 x Bottles (120 Capsules), 3 x Bottles (180 Capsules)